Middle School Writing Challenge--Sponsored by VPR

VPR-YWP Vermont Reads Writing Challenge

Write about Middle School for a VPR commentary!

Young Writers Project and Vermont Public Radio want your best writing for commentaries on the topic of middle school!

This challenge is for all middle school students to write about their experiences in middle school and/or about issues and topics presented in the book, "Wonder," this year's choice for Vermont Reads. Read more »

Paraphrase/Summarize/Quote: Write it in Your Own Words

In this lesson, students will practice how to properly paraphrase, summarize and properly quote sources accurately. They will also document and cite sources properly to aviod plagiarism.

A paraphrase is 

a. your own rendition of essential information and ideas expressed by someone else, presented in a new form.

b. one legitimate way to borrow from a source

c. a more detailed restatement from a summary, which focuses consisely on a single main idea. Read more »


An audio example

I also can choose not to show this to everyone, just my teacher, were I to go to PUBLISHING OPTIONS on the right and UNcheck the box.

So an idea might be to have kids start by just talking out their ideas...


Royal Red

It's 102 degrees in the shade.  Flies and hornets lazily fly around my head.

I taste grit in my mouth.  I am thirsty and hungry.  At least I found a place to sit.

For the first time since I sit down to rest I notice the bright red covering cascading down a wall in front of me. 

I sigh, close my eyes and smile  as I picture the plush royal red wrapped around me,  a King in my red velvet cape resting before I set out to inspect my kingdom. 



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Your New YWP Digital Classroom

Welcome to your digital classroom site. This is being provided to you by Young Writers Project, a nonprofit in Burlington, Vermont, whose mission is to help youths learn how to write better. We are proud to have you as part of our school partnerships. We do not charge for this service.

YWP provides technical support 24/7 via phone, email or Google Hangout. YWP's primary contact is Doug DeMaio. Do not hesitate to contact him about anything. Your teacher coach, if you've signed up, can help you with assistance and ongoing mentoring. If all that fails, contact Geoff Gevalt, YWP Director.

There is also a HELP section, if you want to figure something out on your own. There are some tutorial videos, and basics on how to get around your site. Feel free to suggest new HELP topics to Doug.

YWP invites students who are 13 to participate on if you are interested in extending your writing and engaging with another civil community. As we check the info on everyone who applies for an account, there will be a delay.

-- Geoffrey Gevalt, YWP Director

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